Efficient preheaters improve energy consumption

While it is important to ensure the safety of the process, it is always desirable to combine this with cost reduction or added value. The aluminium melting process, although consuming much less energy than the reduction of alumina, is still requiring large amounts of energy. Typical energy efficiency using cold air burners is around 30%, with the bulk of the combustion heat exhausted in the atmosphere under the form of hot products of combustions. Indeed, the temperature of the products of combustion in the exhaust flue is roughly the same as the setpoint temperature. The hotter the exhaust gasses, the less energy transferred to the charge.


Moreover the heat losses through walls and air infiltration are greater when the internal temperature is higher.


Therefore it is more efficient to heat metal from the room temperature to a given setpoint when the temperature inside the furnace is lower.


Charging preheated metal in a melting furnace is not only safer, it is also economical since less heat has to be transferred to the charged and less time is required to melt it.


Dynamic Concept design and supply the most efficient preheating furnaces adapted to your need which also matches all safety best practices and recommendation.


Our improvement solution: DYNAHEAT : Robust, High Performance Preheathing Furnaces for safe optimisation of remelting procedures (recycled aluminium, sows and alloy products).