Our Mission

Our mission is to increase the competitiveness of light metals producers by supplying custom-fit equipment and systems adapted to the specific conditions of each process line.

We assist our clients at all stages of a project, from preliminary studies to start up, including design, engineering, fabrication, testing, erection of equipment, and the supervision of commissioning and start up.

Our success is measured by the longevity of our business relationships with our customers as well as their satisfaction.

Our Values


At Dynamic Concept, we believe in the importance of putting uncompromising integrity at the center of both our customer relationships and operations. Whether at the first meetings, in trade discussions, or during a project, our team follows a course where openness, honesty and “courteous candor” constantly direct our actions and decisions.

Creative Imagination. Skills. Together with a Strong Will

There is often more than one path to reach the same end. It is in this spirit that Dynamic Concept deals with each client’s need in order to find the solution best suited to its circumstances and its particular context.

Such an approach is only made possible through the advanced expertise of our specialists, whose mastery of aluminum and magnesium production technologies allows to quickly identify all possible options to solve a given problem. By partnering with Dynamic Concept, a client promptly obtains a clear action plan for achieving its goals.

By combining expertise, professionalism, and a «can do» attitude, the Dynamic Concept team has built itself in the industry a reputation of a group of competent, results-driven, people.


The light metals industry is highly competitive. This is why Dynamic Concept gives absolute priority to the protection of the confidentiality of both technical and commercial information of its clients.

The fact that industry leaders have choosen many times Dynamic Concept as partner for the development of new technologies is a strong testimony of our commitment to the protection of key information and secrets.