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Furnaces and preheaters

Increased precision of temperature control using gradient measurement:

* Improved melt rate

* Improved alloy and fire loss rate

* Reduced metal overheating

Energy savings thanks to better burner control

Reduced breakage due to automatic retraction when opening furnace doors

Quick and ergonomic replacement of thermocouple sheaths

Adaptable to main thermocouple sheaths available on the market

Reduced energy losses thanks to retractable lid designed to close insertion port

High repeatability in terms of performance

Increased reliability of robust electrical system

Technical Features
Fully automatic operation
Measurement of metal temperature at different depths in metal bath
Reading of exact position of thermocouple in metal bath
Electric retraction system with automatic positioning
Allows intelligent management of burner control based on multiposition readings
Horizontal positioning for easy maintenance and replacement of thermocouples
Built-in communication capability with furnace control PLC
Local control box for operation in manual mode
o Entry and exit of thermocouple in furnace
o Tilt of carriage
o Manual/automatic mode selector
o Emergency stop
Designed for use with customer’s standard thermocouple: cast iron or refractory sheath
Retractable lid system designed to close insertion port
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