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Preparation/filtration of molten metal

High performance filtration for products with very low level of inclusions: “Can Stock”, Litho, Aerospace, etc.

Filtration performance equivalent to a deep bed filter (DBF)

Unmatched priming reliability (99% +)

Operating cost 70% lower than with a deep bed filter: savings up to 6 USD/MT

Increased efficiency with use of 100% of filtering surface

Minimal footprint: Easy integration into an existing line

High project profitability with rapid return on investment

Elimination of losses due to alloy changes

Recovery of trapped residual metal after casting, resulting in additional savings

Increased operational safety

Technical Features
Filtration up to 80 ppi
Use of standard ceramic foam tiles
Patented priming technology
Same space requirements as standard CFF filters
Fully automated operation and sequence
Available for capacities of 500, 1000 or 1500 kg/min
Low maintenance comparable to that of standard CFF filter
Automated hot air, gas or electric preheating
Fits standard metal level configuration
Less than 2” of metal required for priming
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