Custom-Fit Systems Designed to Perform... Built to Last

to your Needs

Some suppliers want you to adapt to their equipment. We think it should be the other way round… Dynamic Concept is a leader in providing custom designed equipment and systems that fit perfectly to your processes...

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A Niche Expertise

Since its foundation, Dynamic Concept has chosen to focus on one field only and to become in it a reference in terms of expertise: the technologies and equipment for the production of aluminum and magnesium.

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The Customer: A Partner

Our first customer continues to do business with us on a regular basis. Dynamic Concept aims to create with each client a long term partnership built on trust, mutual interests, and unfailing support of our products and services.

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Turnkey Projects

Increasingly, aluminum and magnesium producers choose to do business with a single supplier responsible for all stages of a project when procuring a new equipment.

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Maybe you have a good idea you want to develop?... Since its foundation Dynamic Concept conducts technological development projects in the field of aluminum and magnesium production processes in close collaboration with industrial partners.

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Who are we?

Dynamic Concept is an equipment supplier which provides specialized custom-fit production equipment for the aluminum and magnesium industries.


LOUNDGE(2)The Dynamic Concept team is a well balanced mix of experienced people with deep expertise of the aluminum and magnesium industries, as well as technicians and engineers well connected to the latest technologies


Notice of Appointment – Vanessa Poulin Marketing, Communications & Human Resources

On behalf of all employees, the President of Dynamic Concept, Mr. Patrice Côté, is proud to announce the hiring of Mrs. Vanessa Poulin as Marketing,…