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Transport or Potroom Crucibles
- Metal crucible for any capacity
- Refractory and insulation optimised for application
- Design according to industry standards
- Handling coupler design adapted to customer needs
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Automated Stand-Alone Chlorine Station for Casting Centers
- Autonomous mixing and dosing station mounted in transportable building
- Complete control system
- Integrated security system
- Emergency chlorine evacuation system included
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DEFECTOMAT: In-Line Quality Control System for Rod Production
- Real-time measurement of surface defects and internal defects
- Integrated system with instrumentation and precise wire guiding
- Option: Integrated rod lubrication system
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Water Test Unit for Casting Moulds
- Integrated system with variable and controlled flow and temperature
- Adapts to all mould sizes
- Stainless steel construction
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Preheater for Casting Troughs
- Electric hot air heating
- Automatic sequence between castings
- Precise temperature control
- Elimination of all humidity
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Tap Hole Mechanism
- Mechanised opening and closing, with actuator
- Remote operation to avoid exposure to molten metal
- System allowing to dislodge the plug
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Flexible Furnace Spout
- Allows tilting of furnace with moving parts.
- Flanges and trough sections adapted to the furnace
- Quick couplers for easy replacement
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FRADAR: Furnace Radar Level Sensor
- Radar probe suitable for molten metal
- Allows assessment of amount of metal in furnace
- Increases accuracy of alloying before sampling
- Increases safety by avoiding any overflow
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- Blue laser probe more efficient for molten metal
- Reliable measurement with scanning of metal surface
- Easy installation on furnace wall or furnace roof
- Allows assessment of amount of metal in furnace
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