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Equipment co-creation – ARFT & AGV

11 October 2022

The partnership between Dynamic Concept and EPIQ Machinerie is the dynamic concretization of an industrial symbiosis aiming at accelerating the development of high quality products. The co-creation of new cutting-edge equipment such as the furnace maintenance robot allows the partners’ expertise and knowhow to be leveraged. The result is a win-win situation: better equipment in a shorter time.



« It is a pleasure for EPIQ Machinerie to participate in the co-creation of a sophisticated and powerful equipment. It is a first step towards the introduction of robotization for the execution of complex and high-risk tasks. We are convinced that the furnace maintenance robot is a step towards Industry 4.0 for our customers. In the near future, it can be moved, in the factory, from one furnace to another by EPIQ AGV. »

  • Éloïse Harvey, Chief Executive Officer, EPIQ Machinerie


« This partnership is for us a great example that Quebec companies can collaborate not only in the exchange of services, but also in the development of advanced technologies by combining the strengths of each to increase our global competitiveness and commercialization efforts and thus increase our exports of innovative products. »

  • Patrice Côté, President, Dynamic Concept

ARFT: Automatic Robotic Furnace Tending (PATENT PENDING)

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