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DYNAFEED: Automated Metal Feeding System for Crucibles (Patented)
Automated craneless system designed for transferring metal from a crucible in casting center applications.
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DYNAHEAT: Robust, High Performance Preheating Furnaces
Robust, high performance preheating furnaces for safe optimisation of remelting procedures (recycled aluminium, sows and alloy products).
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DYNAPROBE: Intelligent Thermocouple Mechanism
Automatic and intelligent measuring system designed for metal temperature probing and advanced furnace control.
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DYNASKIM: Advanced Multitasking Robotic Skimmer
Highly efficient, reliable and safe multitasking robotic skimmer designed to reduce, remove and dispose of dross while minimising metal losses.
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ARFT: Automatic Robotic Furnace Tending (PATENTED TECHNOLOGY)
A multifunction, programmable,
high-range robotic unit for skimming, cleaning, stirring and alloying operations in aluminium remelting and casting furnaces.
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DYNATRACE: Laser Marking System
Advanced laser marking system designed to ensure traceability of sheet ingots and sow products.
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Transport or Potroom Crucibles
- Metal crucible for any capacity
- Refractory and insulation optimised for application
- Design according to industry standards
- Handling coupler design adapted to customer needs
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Automated Stand-Alone Chlorine Station for Casting Centers
- Autonomous mixing and dosing station mounted in transportable building
- Complete control system
- Integrated security system
- Emergency chlorine evacuation system included
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DEFECTOMAT: In-Line Quality Control System for Rod Production
- Real-time measurement of surface defects and internal defects
- Integrated system with instrumentation and precise wire guiding
- Option: Integrated rod lubrication system
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