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DYNACAST: MMLC/Handsfree Casting System
Automatic, ultra-safe casting system for vertical casting operations, with exceptional repeatability.
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Vertical Casting Machine
High efficiency vertical casting machine for semi-finished light metal products.
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DYNAPRIME: Alcoa High Cleanliness Filtration System (PATENTED)
CFF high-performance filtration system with patented priming technology for production of very clean metal.
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Casting Table and Moulds
Technology with ultra-fast mould change capability and optimised,
tailor-made design.
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Refiner or Strontium Injection System
Grain refiner and/or strontium injection system in trough; automatic, precise, redundant and faultless.
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System used for precise in-trough cooling of metal upstream of casting machine.
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DYNAPURE: Aluminium Purification Unit
High performance aluminium purification unit for production of high purity aluminium 3N8 to 5N2.
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DYNAFAST (Patent pending)
Automated system for transfer of metal by siphoning. Safe, without oxidation, and designed for casting center applications.
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Cell Siphoning Lifting Beam
Siphoning lifting beam with innovative gripper system for increased capacity crucibles.
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